Being Property Owner In Turkey

Turkey is a country that everyone wants to live with its geographical location,  air, sea, sun, historic beauty, and nature.

If you have dreamed of a place you live a peaceful, happy and healthy life with long summer season all the time, beautiful beaches, historic beauty, sports and cultural activities, you can own property of high quality in Turkey with affordable prices.

When you compare property prices in Turkey with other countries of the world, you will see property prices in Turkey is in its infancy.

Turkey offers favorable living conditions for everyone with hot summers in the Mediterranean Region (7-8 months in summer), mild winters (average temperature 15 degrees), beach, sea, nature and mountain views.

Turkey has the 16th largest economy  in the world with rapid growth economics. Turkey wants to be a member of the European Union for long years. These important developments leads European investments to head to Turkey.

Transportation is provided from all major cities in Europe to the Antalya Airport. Alanya district is the largest district of Antalya, and is growing very fast. Transportation to Alanya is much easier with the Gazipaşa Airport which became operational recently. These developments are  the developments which are  positive and facilitate rapid access for those who wants to own property in Turkey.

In 2008, the decision for allowing investors living in foreign countries to use credit  is one of the important steps taken in the field of real estate. Thus, by using bank credits, you can make possible your dream of getting property in Turkey. Even when you do not stay in your property, you can gain additional revenue by providing weekly or monthly rent.

Even the biggest economic crisis in the world, Turkey has continued to grow in both economic and social fields. In periods of economic crisis, the number of tourists visiting Turkey has increased more than in previous years.

Real estate sector in Turkey, literally had its golden age in 2002 and 2007. It can be said that in the same years, the Turkey has advanced its popularity in 2008-2009 despite the crisis indexed to  the U.S. housing loans. In this period, there is a significant revival in real estate sector with addition of low interest rates in our country and using the advantages of long-term credits. Revival in the real estate sector gained momentum with the lifting of visas between Turkey and neighboring countries has a great contribution in shaping the real estate sector.

As a result, the Turkey would be the logical choice to buy or to invest in  property.